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In application, after your cleansing routine, this super tonic packed with Vitamin B5 and Lysat Fermet Bifida, hydrates all layers of the skin and strengthens the skin barrier.


Its formulation with Vitamin B5 moisturizes and soothes the skin, a real ally for sensitive skin!

Lysat Ferment Bifida strengthens and improves the skin barrier.


Your skin is prepared to receive the next treatments: serum or day cream.


Can also be applied as a 5 to 10 min mask for intense hydration and fresh skin et  glowy!


Its key ingredients:

  • Vitamin B5:effective not only to moisturize and soothe the skin but also to heal wounds
  • Lysate Fermet Bifida:contains vitamin A, B and C, improves the natural defenses of the skin, retains moisture in the skin, increases the elasticity of the skin


Crueltyfree, 100% recyclable packaging, Clean beauty, Eco-friendly, Hypoallergenic, Free of 16 skin-harming ingredients

MAY&MAY Toner Vitamin B5 + Bifida

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  • After your cleansing routine, apply pressure all over the face and pat until absorbed.

    Can also be applied as a mask, impregnate cotton pads with toner, and leave on the face for 5 to 10 minutes. Then tap until the product is completely absorbed.

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