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Welcome to Skidori Cosmetics!

Your online store for ethical Korean and Japanese cosmetics.

My passion for these two countries and their cultures has led me to create this e-commerce store to introduce you to the secrets of Asian beauty and showcase the latest cosmetic innovations.

Asian skin, whether from Korea or Japan, is renowned for its fresh, radiant, and flawless complexion. They take care of themselves with the same level of attention they give to their bodies. In Asia, "taking care of oneself" is a holistic way of life where the well-being of the body and mind are closely intertwined.

At the forefront of cosmetic research and development, with over 10 years ahead of the rest of the world, I offer you a selection of innovative products suitable for all skin types and budgets, while providing excellent value for money.

I pay special attention to brand selection, prioritizing Cruelty-Free brands (no cosmetic testing on animals). I also strive to select Vegan products and those with a high concentration of natural ingredients to respect both your skin and the environment.

The catalog is constantly expanding, with new brands and products being added to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends.


So stay connected to not miss out on anything!

Naïma, Founder of Skidori Cosmetics ;)

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