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A superb collection of Vegan and Crueltyfree eye shadows, to enhance your eyes.

9 colors just as sparkling as each other to give your look a boost, whether it's during the day, on vacation or for an evening;)



Lemon Sherbet => Lemon sorbet

Apricot mousse => Apricot mousse

Rosé Cookie =>  Rosé cookie

Sun Kissed Coral => Sunny Coral

Sunset Quartz => Sunset Quartz

Orange Gummy Bear => Orange Gummy Bear

Voy Kombucha => Kombucha

Mojito Gleam => Mojito Gleam

Burnt Basil => Burnt Basil


PETA Certified: Vegan and Crueltyfree

Glitterpedia Eye Palette_N°6 All of Citrus_Corai eyeshadow

SKU: 0010
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  • Apply to your eyelid with a brush or if you prefer simply with your finger

  • In order to maintain the natural colors of the eye shadows, avoid placing them in sunny places, keep them in a place protected from light

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