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Rice water and rice: its benefits on the skin

Did you know that rice rinse water has been used as a skin care product in Asia for thousands of years? It is rich in vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants and minerals and is therefore very beneficial for the skin and even the hair. It is one of the Asian beauty secrets, among many others, for a healthy skin and strengthened hair!

  • In Japan, Geishas used rice water to lighten their complexion and also to remove their makeup, it was part of their skin care routines

  • In South Korea, rice water is also used in beauty rituals for its lightening and anti-aging properties and as a treatment to soothe itching related to eczema

  • In China, YAO women, who have long shiny black hair, still use rice water to rinse their hair, strengthen it and keep its shine. Moreover, they cut their hair only once in their lives.

In concrete terms, what are the actions of the components of rice?

  • Vitamins A, C and E and minerals contribute to fading brown spots, clarifying and smoothing the complexion. The complexion becomes more luminous as the product is applied.

  • Antioxidants act as a skin barrier. They protect and minimize the skin from cell oxidation, prevent the appearance of fine lines and thus skin aging. UV damage is reduced and therefore prevents the complexion from becoming dull.

Cosmetic formulations based on rice or rice water have several interesting virtues for the skin that should not be denied:

  • pigmentation spots are faded

  • the complexion is smoother, brighter and more even

  • pores are tightened and skin texture is refined

  • the cells are regenerated and the skin is much healthier

  • it soothes sensitive skin: irritation, redness, acne and therefore reduces scars

If you are prone to blemishes and pigment spots, we have 2 rice-based products that, when applied one after the other, will bring more radiance to your skin while regaining its glow!

  • 1 GOODAL VEGAN Rice Milk Toner

Enriched with rice milk from Jeju Island, it will keep your skin soothed and moisturized all day long!

Its vegan formulation, with rice milk and enriched with water ceramide, helps strengthen and restore the damaged skin barrier and soothe even the most sensitive skin.

Its slightly thick consistency offers a light glow. Applied after the cleansing phase, it helps to receive the next treatments such as serum and moisturizer.

The toner has the advantage of also being applied as a mask, using absorbent cotton soaked in toner, which you leave on for 5 minutes. Your skin thus finds flexibility and hydration, luminosity and freshness.

  • All types of skin, sensitive skin, pigmentation spots, dull skin

  • Vegan, Crueltyfree, free of 18 ingredients harmful to the skin, Hypoallergenic

  • 2 Le Glow Deep Serum of Beauty of Joseon

Designed for skin prone to blemishes and pigmentation spots.

Its formulation with 68% Rice Bran and 2% Alpha Arbutin helps to improve skin texture, fade pigmentation spots and illuminate the skin. Its light texture allows a fast absorption for a hydration in depth.

It will be advisable to apply after this serum and your day cream, an anti-UV solar cream, Alpha Arbutine being sensitive to the sun.

  • All skin types, skin prone to imperfections, pigmentary spots, dull skin

  • Vegan, Crueltyfree, Paraben-free, Essential Oil-free

How do you incorporate the Toner and Serum into your beauty routine?

If you are not used to these products, the Toner or tonic is applied after the cleansing phase. Then comes the application of the serum and the moisturizer.

In Asia, and particularly in South Korea and Japan, there is a step-by-step skincare protocol called "Layering" in South Korea and "The Art of Saho" in Japan.

These care protocols have been perfected over time to help the skin fight against the various external and internal aggressions that it undergoes daily.

There are 4 major steps to follow and intermediate steps (which are gradually integrated) to help, little by little, the skin get used to receiving the different treatments.

  1. Cleaning

  2. Skin treatment

  3. Moisturizing

  4. Sun protection

We invite you to discover these detailed care protocols which include intermediate steps, on our blog page

You will learn how Korean and Japanese women keep their skin so young, so bright and healthy!

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